Greetings to all!

My name is Dave Mathwin and I have been teaching History at Ad Fontes Academy, a Classical-Christian school in Northern Virginia, since 1998.  After school I go home to my lovely wife and our three children.  My children are all wonderful, but are perhaps the main cause of my going grey, losing my hair, and driving a mini-van.

I remember the thrill of signing the contract to come to AFA those many years ago.  My first real job!  I remember also the distinct feeling that I had no real idea what I was doing.

Time has passed, but that feeling has never left.  If you’re like me, teaching at Classical Christian school can seem like a lonely endeavor.  Many times I feel as if I am groping in the dark towards some great and mysterious thing.  Self-doubt is part of the equation.

So one purpose of ‘A Stick in the Mud’ is to try and connect with other History teachers out there to bounce off ideas and thoughts.  But the scope can extend beyond that to anyone interested in History, education, or ideas in general.

“A Stick in the Mud” is divided into three different sections:

  1. Weekend Updates: I send these every weekend to the parents of my students in the five classes I teach.  They are meant to try and connect them to the classroom and help them join in the dialogue with their children.  They also form a fairly hefty outline of the curriculum in general.  Please feel free to use whatever you see, point out errors, other questions, perspectives, etc.
  2. Book Reviews: Thoughts on books that may be of interest.
  3. Sticks in the Mud: Musings and wild stabs on flotsam and jetsam.

Everything here is meant to spur on questions and dialogue. I hope to learn much from any and all of you.

Click here to read my thoughts on how and why History can help us, and you can read about how I arrived at this site’s name here.

Blessings, and many thanks,