Greetings to all!

My name is Dave Mathwin and I have been teaching History at Ad Fontes Academy, a Classical-Christian school in Northern Virginia, since 1998.  After school I go home to my lovely wife and our three children.  My children are all wonderful, but are perhaps the main cause of my going grey, losing my hair, and driving a mini-van.

The blog, then is my mid-life crisis.  No doubt not as fun as a sports car, but hey, it’s something.  If you find anything interesting here and want to exchange thoughts and ideas, find me via the ‘Contact’ section above.

“A Stick in the Mud” is divided into three different sections:

  1. Weekend Updates: These are meant to try and connect students and parents to the classroom. They also form a fairly hefty outline of the curriculum in general.  Please feel free to use whatever you see, point out errors, other questions, perspectives, etc.
  2. Book Reviews: Thoughts on books that may be of interest.
  3. Sticks in the Mud: Musings and wild stabs on flotsam and jetsam.

And now for something completely different . . . 

I am happy to say that astickinthemud.com is joined now by a companion podcast just recently started, called (of course),

The Grumpy Old Man

Find it on youtube.  Some of the blog posts here have their own companion podcast, which will contain the links within.  I am thrilled that current and former students make up a portion of my guests.

Click here to read my thoughts on how and why History can help us, and you can read about how I arrived at this site’s name here.

Blessings, and many thanks,